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The My Pure Stroke putting training aid is featured on Pitch Tank by Kevin Harrington (of Shark Tank fame). Watch training videos!

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Introducing The My Pure Stroke Trainer!

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  • Men's Right-Handed
  • Men's Left-Handed
  • Women's Right-Handed
  • Junior's Right-Handed

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Now only $79.00 

Pro Golf Instructor Ben Alexander  Pro Golf Instructor Ben Alexander Endorses My Pure Stroke Putting Training Aid

“I was interested right when I saw it for the first time” Alexander states. “It looked incredibly simple, I couldn’t wait to try it. After a few hours with it, I immediately saw and felt the benefit. It was actually straightening out my stroke, incredible.”  >>>

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  • Anyone at any level can learn to putt like a pro.
  • Concept is simple, feedback is immediate.
  • Practice anywhere at home, office, at your hotel room, or on the putting green.
  • Teaches you to be square at impact for that perfect stroke.
  • Putting is about confidence. This club will give you more confidence in putting then any other part of your game.
  • Line, Speed, Stroke, and Confidence, with this club you will achieve all four.
  • After practicing with this club you will be able to pick up any putter and stroke it pure.
  • Not everyone can learn to swing like a pro, but everyone can learn to putt like one.

It is projected to be used by over a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals. Now it's BETTER THAN EVER! Once you learn to putt using the Pure Stroke Trainer you will be putting in tempo and on plane. You'll rid yourself of the yips, pulls, pushes and start hitting better putts, more accurate putts, with more confidence than you ever imagined.